Surrounded by the nature of the Gauja National Park, the urban port of peace in Ieriķi between Cēsis and Sigulda will allow you to feel the sweetness of the home atmosphere, welcome guests, celebrate the most beautiful moments of your life, warm up in the sauna, refresh yourself in the hot tub and backyard pond, catch your dreams and enjoy midnight romantic feelings

Guests and visitors holiday house Villa VĒJROZES

The soul relaxation

Accommodation for 26 persons

Peace harbor in the heart of Vidzeme

Kids and pets friendly environment

Hot tub by order


Celebration table for 24 people

Gazebo with fireplace

Dream catcher

Walking paths

Wood barbecue

Scandinavian architecture

Tasteful decorations

Children's playground

Children's play corner

Festive table decoration

A beautiful flower garden

Backyard pond


Water refreshments

Health corner

Sports ground

Scandinavian interior design




A spacious outdoor terrace

Outdoor furniture

Paved driveway and parking space

a butterfly butterfly on a black background
a butterfly butterfly on a black background

Free Wi-Fi

Lightning rod

Dogs house

Located in Ieriķi, 15 min drive from Cēsis, 20 min from Sigulda, 50 min from Riga (Jugla)

NB! Cat Pipars may visit you during your rest